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Latvia (LBAL) vs Ukraine (ЛМ) - 64:89

Saturday afternoon for the second game of the round met Latvian and Ukrainian amateur teams. Both teams won their first game, so, despite being tired, wanted to finish the tour of Vilnius with the victory and take two wins out of two. Latvian team first came to the arena and were seriously preparing and supporting one another for the next game. Such a preparation is quite understandable, because only eight Latvians will have to fight against a full Ukrainian team.

The Ukraine team started the first quarter powerfully within the first five minutes of game taking the lead 4:10. From the very first minutes of the game there was an emotional fight. Just five minutes has elapsed since the mutual technical. After this emotional discharge the Latvian team has recovered with the force in the game thanks to 17:3 run. Ukraine had a lack of players who could score - in the last seven minutes of the quarter - only Ryjhljuk has scored. After the first quarter the Latvian National team has a solid lead 21:13.

The first half of the second quarter was equal and none of the teams had scored more than another. However, all Ukraine's problems began in the second half of quarter. Latvian team scores four three pointers in a row, two of them by A. Kramins. Latvians once again had incredibly run against last year's champions, and increase their advantage up to double digits. In the meantime, the Ukrainian team seems to be having trouble everywhere – bad defense, low percentage of long range and turnovers. After the first half - Latvian team has the lead and the score is 39:23.

The third quarter did not change anything – Latvians continued to increase their advantage and totally dominated the game by scoring easy points in the paint or beyond the arc.

Although A.Ryjhljuk and T.Kmetjuk tried to lead the Ukraine team by scoring majority of the points, but the Latvian‘s lead was steadily increasing. After seven points in a row by A. Kramins (Latvia) the deficit got to biggest of the game – 26 points. It seemed things can't get any worse to Ukraine. J.Kolobov gets a technical foul, which ruins the last chances to decrease the deficit. After third quarter – 40:62, Latvia has the lead.

Despite the fact that Latvians keep playing good and maintain the big lead, Ukraine team was not waving white flags and tried to fix their game. However, the emotional state of Ukrainian team caused another technical foul. In the meantime, tired Latvians continue to gradually increase their advantage. To properly rest the team, coach is taking all of time-outs, but it seems that it is enough to completely recover every player and complete the game at the highest level. In this quarter Latvians scored four three pointers and finally crushed the champions with the huge victory. Final result – 87:58 and Latvians can be very happy that they won both matches in Vilnius round, despite having only eight players in the team.



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Latvia (LBAL) vs Ukraine (ЛМ) - 64:89
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Saturday afternoon for the second game of the round met Latvian and Ukrainian amateur teams.

Teams from Russia and Latvia confronted each other in the first game ..........

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